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What are Photography Challenges with Heart?

The idea for the Photography Challenges with Heart initially came from feedback from students doing my short course, who wanted help staying motivated to pick up their cameras once the course was finished. I thought about doing some photography challenges, but it didn’t feel like enough. Something was missing. I was feeling like the world is so saturated with images, particularly on social media, that I didn’t just want to be facilitating people to make more images just for the sake of making images.

Through my work with Leadership Ballarat & Western Region (LBWR) I’ve been much more engaged with community & the idea of giving back. So it suddenly seemed obvious that the challenges should relate to community organisations. These community groups run on the smell of an oily rag & would never be able to pay for great images to help them raise awareness.

So there are people looking for purpose & motivation for their photography and there are community organisations needing great images to help them raise awareness for what they are doing. It seems like a perfect fit to me. And if, through these challenges, people then want to get involved further and help out on a community level, or donate money, or skills… then even better. Our world is better when we are all consciously aware of each other & willing to help each other out.


Who’s behind With Camera In Hand?

I’m Michelle Dunn & I’ve been sharing my love of photography & teaching workshops & short courses since 2006. First in Melbourne, then in Ballarat as a tree change saw a move to the country.

This website has come about for a number of reasons. Mostly because what was happening was outgrowing my other website  – which is about my own photography & video work – & taking on a life of it’s own.

What I love about teaching others how to use their cameras is that it reminds me of the magic of photography. It reminds me of how I felt when I first learnt what the settings did & how I could use them to interpret what I was seeing in my mind & in the world around me. I love being able to help people do the same.

The In person courses are running now, currently in Ballarat. The Online courses will be coming soon. I’m hoping to extend these beyond myself, so if you have a particular photography skill that you think would make a great short course, get in touch & we can see if it’s a fit. I’d love to have the skills of photographers all over Australia sharing their knowledge.

So in a nut shell, this website is all about exploring creativity, learning & sharing skills to make a better world through photography. As is says on the homepage – Create, Explore, Learn + Give. I hope you’ll join me, dust off your camera & get involved!