Some people learn better one on one. Others have specific gaps in their learning they want to fill. Regardless what your reason is, I have worked with many individuals & groups to create tailored sessions to improve your photography at a faster pace.

Private one on one tuition

Private tuition ensures a student is given 100% attention for the entire session. Methods of teaching & specific learning outcomes are tailored for the individual. These sessions are practical based & take place on location. Students must provide their own equipment & may take their own notes during the session.

A pre session phone conversation allows the teacher to ascertain your level, what you are wanting to learn & ensure the time booked will allow for the best results.

A follow up 30 minute Skype session is also included to ensure students can consolidate their learning & answer any questions they may still have.

$250 for the first hour & $90 p/h for consecutive hours (Ballarat – Melbourne)

Private Group Tuition

Private Group tuition is much the same as the one on one sessions.

Ideally students booking a group session should be at a similar level to each other to maximise learning during the session.

Please email for prices based on number of students.