Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Weekend Workshop Ballarat

This brand new workshop for 2020 promises to open your eyes to the fun of post production. Immersing you for 2 days over a weekend, you’ll go in depth in this practical workshop and come out the other side amazed with all of your new skills!

*You’ll need your own laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop on it, as well as a few RAW files to play with

What the workshop covers:


  • Importing
  • Catalogues
  • Finding missing folders
  • Syncronizing images in folders
  • Metadata and text filtering
  • Filtering with stars and numbers and colours
  • Sorting with collections
  • Develop mode


  • Colour profiles
  • Setting up sizes for documents
  • Text – rasterizing for print
  • Layering
  • Masks & brushes
  • Clone stamp – removing small problems
  • Select and transform
  • Liquify
  • Crop
  • Creating shapes and filling them in
  • Drawing from photos
  • CMYK vs RGB
  • Hex Codes
  • Designing a card or wall print


Date: 2 & 3 May 2020

Time: 10am – 5pm both days

Location: Ballarat Tech School

Price: $450 (non refundable deposit of $150 to secure your place)

Bring: Laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop programs installed, RAW files

For more information or questions please email

Lightroom and Photoshop Workshop Ballarat