photography course Castlemaine
photography course Castlemainephotography course Bendigophotography course Castlemaine

With Camera In Hand Reviews

The main reason I created With Camera In Hand was to help people fall in love with photography as much as I did. The photography industry can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming – with so many products to buy and so many  people who seem to know more than you do. I’ve never cared much…

Bendigo photography courseBendigo photography course

2018 – Term 2 – Bendigo

I love helping people learn photography and it’s so great to now be able to offer this course in Bendigo as well!. This was our first Bendigo course and it sold out quick sticks which was really exciting. And what a great, enthusiastic group. Below is some of the final assignments from the group again…

Photography Course Bendigo Ballarat
Photography Course Bendigo BallaratPhotography Course Bendigo BallaratPhotography Course Bendigo Ballarat

2017 – Term 3 – Ballarat

This time around I thought I’d put student’s whole series up to show how their story telling comes together for their final assignment. I love seeing techniques leaned throughout the course get used to tell stories – adding impact with fast or slow shutter speeds, exploring different uses of light, depth of field and composition.…

Creative community projects

Our motto at With Camera In Hand is “Create, explore, learn and give” because we wanted this to be about more than just learning how to take great photos. It’s about creatively using a camera to engage with all aspects of our community, from young people, to those living with a disability, new immigrants -…

DSLR photography short course
DSLR photography short courseDSLR photography short courseDSLR photography short course

2017 – Term 1 – Ballarat

Another great, enthusiastic group for this term’s DSLR photography short course and I’m always so grateful for the effort people put in each week. Photography is great fun, but it can also be really frustrating in the learning process. Missing shots, scrolling those dials the wrong direction – it all requires persistence not to just…