It never ceases to amaze me. On the 12th of July, 12 adults walked into my studio with their camera’s in hand for our Ballarat Photography Short Course. One or two had some familiarity with camera settings, but most had been stuck on Auto mode. Now, just 10 lessons later, they are all photographing on manual mode, experimenting with aperture & shutter speed to be more creative with their photography & coming up with the goods!

I’m always so proud at this point in time!

I love photography so much & I always hope that comes across in my teaching. I know most people are coming straight from work & busy lives & it’s a big thing to spend 2.5hrs a week learning something new. But I’m so grateful for everyone’s commitment to turning up, switching on & being present. It really inspires me… hopefully it’s an equal exchange of inspiration.

Each student produced an 8 image visual story in response to their choice of three themes. Below is a couple of images from each of the students from this term – I hope you’re as impressed as I was!


The next Ballarat Photography Short Course starts on 4 October – Click here for more information or click here to book

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