Another great, enthusiastic group for this term’s DSLR photography short course and I’m always so grateful for the effort people put in each week. Photography is great fun, but it can also be really frustrating in the learning process. Missing shots, scrolling those dials the wrong direction – it all requires persistence not to just flick back to auto mode and give up. But once again this group did their homework each week and got better and better and more confident as the weeks went on.

Topics for their assignments were also varied, covering off family – from children to parents, locations like the train station and passions like art, beauty and music. I love seeing what draws people’s eye and interests.

Each student produced an 8 image visual story in response to their choice of three themes. Below is a couple of images from each of the students from this term, here’s to another great term and more photographers off auto mode!


The next Ballarat DSLR Photography Short Course starts on 24 July 2017 and is now fully booked – Click here to join our mailing list and be the first to find out when the next dates are announced, or join us in the ONLINE version of the short course and do learn photography at your own pace!

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