Finding Light – 6 lesson Short Course

Finding Light is a 6 week photography course that will culminate in the production of a printed book and e-book with photographs created by project participants. We will work on any available equipment including DSLR cameras and phones focusing on creativity in relation to photography. We will look at how creativity can shift our mindset and allow us to be in the present moment, and consider how the way we understand light can change the way we see the world around us. We will produce photographs of a professional quality that are directed by the subject matter of interest to you and bring them together to create a beautiful photobook. Each participant will receive a copy of the book produced and a number of copies will also be available for the Ballarat community.

Finding Light Course covers:

  •  – Creativity for healing
  •  – Basic camera settings
  •  – Composition
  •  – Natural Light
  •  – Portrait Photography
  •  – Photos taken during the course will become part of a printed book paying tribute to survivors of sexual assault
  •  – All participants will receive one copy of the printed book to keep.

Please note – participants at all sessions will be supported with professional services provided by the Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault and/or other trained sexual abuse support workers.

All artists have been trained in Trauma Informed Principles and will be supported to create a safe space for participants throughout the delivery of the project.

All participants retain the right to remain anonymous in their participation.

All participants are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Some age limits apply for workshops.


This 6 week course was run in 2021 for Survivors of sexual abuse.
As part of the course, we produced a photo book which is now in it’s 3rd print run. To find out more about the book, please contact Loud Fence.
If you know of any opportunities to support this course running again that would enable it to be free for participants, please reach out.


This project is part of Continuous Voices

Continuous Voices is a project that connects trauma and creativity to stand for change and resistance against sexual assault and sexual abuse. The project acknowledges the courage of those who have stood for change and provides hope for these continuous voices to be heard. The project will work towards creating a public space in Ballarat to reflect. The shape of this space and memorial will be determined through creative collaborations with community.