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Photography Challenge March
Photography challenge






This month we are opening back up all the challenges we’ve set so far! It’s a chance to catch up if life got in the way in previous months, or challenge yourself again and see if the second time round is easier, or your photos turn out better. Photography gets easier the more you do it. It’s about practice and with our challenges, you get to combine practice with purpose. Don’t forget to share your images and start conversations about quitting stuff (February), energy saving and our environment (March), the legacy of those we know and love (April) and the importance of loving and caring for pets (May).

As an addition to the challenges this month, I’m flipping the challenge and asking you to challenge me – with your questions.

Ask me anything photography, video, or creative business this month and I’ll do my best to answer it. Just submit your questions by Sunday 9th June by emailing learn@withcamerainhand.com.au.

I’ve also been spending some time as an Equality Advocate for Women’s Health Grampians, where I do image audits for organisations to help them see how they could be challenging gender stereotypes and pushing gender equality forward with the images on their websites, newsletters on flyers, as well as doing a talk on “the power of images” using my personal story to highlight how important it is to make sure every organisation is doing their part to create change. Feel free to ask about this too if you’re interested!