Our Photography Challenge with Heart this month is inspired by National Heritage week occuring this month.

Often when we think of heritage, we think of buildings. But heritage is in people’s history as well. It’s not often we tell the stories of our family members or people in our community in a conscious way, so this month challenges you to choose someone and tell their story through images.

There’s a few steps to this challenge so make a start early in the month so you have time to complete it before the end of April.

Make contact, organise a time to visit them more than once for this project and create a series of at least 6 images to tell a story (but no more than 9). Why so few images? A great series can actually be told with less rather than more images. Being able to select the best photos and cull the rest actually makes you a better photographer. Which images really get to the crux of who this person is?

We’ve got loads of tips for you to make this month’s challenge as easy as possible for all our Challenger members, so if you’re not already a member, join us!

Don’t forget to share them on social media and use the hashtag #withcamerainhand and #wcihchallenge and we’ll celebrate you by sharing them too!