Our Photography Challenge with Heart this month is inspired by FebFast. After quitting alcohol for a full year in 2018, then taking it up again in 2019, I realised how little it contributes to my life, so I gave up again in 2020, this time for good.

So, if you know someone doing FebFast – which has expanded from just giving up alcohol for the month of February, to choosing anything you’d like to give up, from sugar, meat, inactivity – then pick up your camera, take our challenge and use your photography to start a conversation.

We all know photos attract attention, so imagine how much more money you or your mate might raise during FebFast if you had some cracking images to go with your posts about it!

In February, people are ditching things from their life. So with the idea of throwing out alcohol, I’ve created some shots that might help to support someone doing that. Fast shutter speeds are crucial to this challenge, but so is light and our technical settings. If you’re all over this stuff, start shooting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

But if you’re starting out, or just want some inspiration and help, become a Challenger and you’ll get access to our video tutorial showing you exactly how I created these shots. You can copy them, or use them as inspiration to get even more creative.

Full disclosure, there is nothing fancy about the set up I’ve used. Although not the way I’d normally shoot this if it was for commercial purposes, I wanted to make these challenges accessible to everyone, so it was also a challenge for me to take a complex shoot and make it simple – yet still “wow”! So as long as you have a DSLR camera, you can create these shots!

Good luck and may your creativity start a conversation and make a small difference this February.

Don’t forget to share them on social media and use the hashtag #withcamerainhand and #wcihchallenge and we’ll celebrate you by sharing them too!