Our Photography Challenge with Heart this month is inspired by Earth Hour.

Over the years I’ve become more and more conscious of our energy consumption as a planet. Our mindset is that we have a right to consume. Consume food, consume energy, consume data. I’ve recently started immersing myself in the Permaculture principals, which were designed by two Australians, one of whom lives not far from me in regional Victoria, David Holmgren. It just makes sense to me. We can’t keep using energy in the same way – and each year Earth Hour encourages everyone to switch off on 26 March 2022 at 8.30pm. So I’d love you this month to start creating images that show the natural world lit up by our stars, share your images to social media and start a conversation. Thanks again for using your creativity to help make a difference!

In March, Earth hour asks everyone to switch off their lights for one hour. So I thought we can use our photography skills in long exposure to show how the night sky lights us up naturally. You can get as creative as you like with this challenge – it doesn’t have to be the night sky – you may like to photography a solar powered light globe!

But if you’re starting out, or just want some inspiration and help, become a Challenger and you’ll get access to our video tutorial showing you exactly how I created these shots. You can copy them, or use them as inspiration to get even more creative.

Like last month, there is nothing fancy about the set up I’ve used and I wanted to make these challenges accessible to everyone. So as long as you have a DSLR camera with a lens that has a reasonably wide angle on it, you can create these shots!

Good luck and may your creativity start a conversation and make a small difference this month.

Don’t forget to share them on social media and use the hashtag #withcamerainhand and #wcihchallenge and we’ll celebrate you by sharing them too!

Also let’s add the Earth Hour hashtag to this month’s posts – #Connect2earth