Our challenge this month is inspired by National Organic Week with a focus on photographing that bounty of delicious organic food. When we were living in Ballarat, we’d get our veggies each week straight from local organic farm Spring Creek. They have an honesty system set up so you can pick what you want from their organic produce that they’ve freshly picked and left in a room on the farm and you leave your money in a box. Just down the road, Yendon tomatoes does the same where you can grab tomatoes, eggplants and strawberries. I loved being able to get our food this way and it’s WAY cheaper than the supermarket and hands down better quality, plus you can chomp away knowing you’re not ingesting a bunch of chemicals! These days, being near Castlemaine, we do our weekly food shop at the Chewton Market. The vibe is great down there on a Saturday morning and I love starting my weekend this way. These days, farmers markets can be found within a stones throw of most towns, so if you haven’t experienced one yet, get your google on and see what you can find. Then make sure you hunt out those lovely organic farmers!


What better way to celebrate organic food, than to photograph it in the best light? This tutorial will take you through lighting for food photography, using natural light. Your challenge is to grab some organic food and either photograph it in it’s naked glory, or whip it up into a meal that makes our mouths water just looking at your image!

Don’t forget to share them on social media and use the hashtag #withcamerainhand and #wcihchallenge and we’ll celebrate you by sharing them too!