Click below to check out the awesome work of our DSLR photography short course students in Ballarat (running since 2013) and Bendigo (running since 2018). Using a range of DSLR cameras, students learn how to get off auto mode and shoot completely in Manual Mode over the course of 10 lessons. And look what they’ve come up with!

If you’d like to get off auto mode and get more out of your camera and photography but aren’t able to attend in person at either location, we also run this course online!

Our philosophy with teaching photography is:

– Photography is practical – so throughout classes, the teacher will explain something, then get you to try it yourself. It’s all about making the new learning sticky!

– Photography is fun – throughout the course, with homework and your personal photo story, you’ll be encouraged to shoot what you enjoy shooting. Make it fun and it doesn’t feel like work.

– Photography has the potential to change the world – ok, this is a big statement, but it’s true. Our world is saturated with images because images get noticed. Add more purpose to your life by infusing your new creative skill with taking photos of causes, events and humans you care passionately about.

We hope to see you at our next photography short course soon!